I did not intend to get this drunk
Me everytime I drink (via timedoesnotexisthere)

The warning at the beginning of Fight Club (1999) 

The warning at the beginning of Fight Club (1999) 

The 1975 - Falling For You
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I don’t wanna be your friend,
I wanna kiss your neck

i’m always going to love this song

Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island - Everything Is Awesome
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everything is awesome // tegan and sara feat. the lonely island

have you heard the news, everyone’s talking
life is good cause everything’s awesome
lost my job, it’s a new opportunity
more free time for my awesome community




I Was Trying To Be Funny But It Came Out as Really Mean: A 5-part documentary starring me.

I Was Trying To Be Loving And Supportive But I Probably Overstepped My Boundaries And Came Off as Creepy: a feature-length film with two sequels and a TV series adaption.

I Was Trying To Tell You I Relate To Your Difficult Situation But It Probably Sounded Like I Was Making It All About Me: a novel saga with several side book adaptions and a movie.


remember when Andy scored among the highest ever on the aptitude test for becoming a police officer but then was denied because the interview showed that he was too kind and trusting and empathetic to be a cop


how to get laid
1. find a couch
2. lay on it
3. i’m so lonely